Deutsche Seereederei has opted for one of the largest growth markets in the analog world, namely hospitality, and has aligned the company 100% with this market both nationally and internationally. 
This market is characterized by a high degree of resistance to economic crises caused by overarching demographic, social and political developments and will consequently continue to grow steadily in the decades to come. 
Over the past 20 years, Deutsche Seereederei has not only achieved an excellent track record in this market segment with the development of products such as AIDA Cruises, A-ROSA River Cruises, A-ROSA Resorts, aja and many other brands, but is also striving for market leadership in the rural tourism industry in German-speaking countries.


The Deutsche Seereederei attaches great importance to its overarching social commitment — not only out of a sense of corporate responsibility, but also in order to serve as a model of modern entrepreneurship. Today, there are numerous domains in which the Deutsche Seereederei has committed itself to the common good.



Currently, the Deutsche Seereederei Group and its subsidiaries employ more than 1,600 people (including approx. 300 trainees). Over the years, hundreds of young people from more than 40 nations have been trained in a multitude of professions at the Deutsche Seereederei. The Group has thus continuously endeavored to make a contribution to its social responsibility.



In addition to its entrepreneurial and social commitments, the Deutsche Seereederei has also been involved in charitable social causes for several decades:

  • The “Horst Rahe Foundation” at the internationally renowned Rostock University of Music and Theatre promotes highly talented, disadvantaged and socially committed artists from all over the world. To date, 90 artists from all around the world have received scholarships, many of whom now work as renowned musicians or university lecturers at home and abroad. Horst Rahe is also a member of the local university council together with Daniel Barenboim KBE (General Music Director of the Berlin State Orchestra) and Armin Müller-Stahl.
  • Honorary Member of the Board of Trustees of the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Festival 
  • Member of the Rostock and Hamburg Community Foundations
  • Many years of commitment to and support of the “Bunt statt Braun” campaign 
  • Sponsorship of the children’s hospital “Zimbalin” for orphans and homeless children in St. Petersburg
  • Establishment of the “Maritime Foundation”, the largest contiguous collection of maritime art in the former GDR
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Orchestra