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Why is the Deutsche Seereederei called Seereederei (“shipping company”), although we do not operate any ships?

There are hardly any successful existing companies that reflect political, social and economic developments and changes in a similar way as Deutsche Seereederei. What used to be the second largest merchant fleet in the world is not only an expression of long-gone European economic history (and numerous political events), but also a very living example of how companies have to reinvent themselves again and again in order to be successful in the rapidly changing societies and markets of the modern age. Sometimes to the extent that even the actual core services are called into question, resulting in completely new business areas.

The overarching credo: Think new and different – THINK AHEAD! – and act is “typical” for Deutsche Seereederei. By keeping its maritime name, Deutsche Seereederei acknowledges its diverse history and makes it clear that successful innovations are also always based on a commitment to its own roots.

The historical roots of a member of our group of companies begin as early as 1625: Hotel Louis C. Jacob already looks back on a history of almost 400 years…


Foundation of VEB Deutsche Seereederei Rostock

Steam boat “Vorwärts” – first ship of Deutsche Seereederei

In addition to cargo shipping, Deutsche Seereederei also operates three passenger ships – the “Arkona” later becomes the “Traumschiff” on ZDF TV series


Haus der Schifffahrt – since1962 seat of Deutsche Seereederei in Rostock. The real estate business has been part of the company’s activities from the very beginning – start in 1993 with the modernisation of the office building


Horst Rahe and Nikolaus W. Schües take over the DSR Group - it turns into a private company


Development of a "club concept at sea" - launch of first AIDA ship


Sale of AIDA cruise business


Revolution of river cruise market with the brand A-ROSA


First A-ROSA resort


Sale of A-ROSA river cruise business


First HENRI hotel


First aja-Resort

DR Hospitality – JV with REWE
RUBUS – JV with Implenia

Start Digital Solutions / 7fridays

Entering the Italian market – our JV DR Hospitality acquires a 75% stake in Italian-based hotel company Mira Hotels & Resorts