We develop markets anew


Green-Tech Hospitality and Leisure – earth-bound tourism as an investment in markets with the highest growth potential and without (prolonged) structural crises.


As innovation leaders, we network, consolidate and develop the 200 established destinations of earth-bound European leisure tourism in an analogue and digital way, preserving the good and beauty of each region in an individual way.


Sustainability & ESG standards are guiding principles of our actions.

Successful tourism from conception to implementation

Successful tourism from conception to implementation

For three decades, we have been operating highly successfully on the basis of a systematised culture of innovation. In the cooperation of daily business experiences, market and trend analyses as well as a profound scientific network, an integrated InnovationLab for brand and product development continuously measures economic potentials. Based on this, we design proven and market-adapted concepts and products that are tailored to the latent needs of the people in the source markets.
Our track record documents the successful development and operation of numerous innovative hospitality products and services. The know-how covers the entire service chain from profound market and trend analysis, concept design, validation to realisation, operation, roll-out and integration into the market.


Growth strategy

According to our philosophie “We develop markets anew”, the DSR-Group anticipates market signals and overarching socio-economic developments at an early stage. The management and the in-house InnovationLab have established guiding principles of corporate strategy that structure and deploy all resources in a planned manner.
Our goal is to become the largest Green-Leisure-Hospitality company in Europe. Our development principles ensure that we only operate in destinations that

  • have at least 250,000 overnight stays/ year
  • are culturally learned and established
  • which are visited by tourists all year round
  • are earth-bound and easy to access
  • are safe and meet high hygiene standards
  • ensure environmental protection and cultural diversity

The scientifically-based analysis of people and markets takes place permanently and in close exchange between practice and science.